V Coloris

Wednesday July 12th at 7 pm

Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke)

Based in Copenhagen the woodwind quintet V Coloris is a fusion of different cultures and nationalities which has been the inspiration of the colourfull name of the ensemble.

Folk music and contemporary music are the main veins in the ensemble’s artistic work. The musicians often make their own arrangements and transcriptions of works with obvious references to folk music, and they often cooperate with prominent contemporary composers. Works by Doina Rotaru and Nimrod Borenstein have been dedicated to and first performed by V Coloris, and the ensemble has worked closely with the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen when performing his works for woodwind quartet. 

This autumn V Coloris will give the first performance of Karin Rehnqvist’s arrangement for winds of one of her own works.

For further information about V Coloris, please visit www.vcoloris.com


Present and former members of the Royal Lifeguards Music Corps and The Royal Danish Orchestra and guests

Wednesday July 19th at 5 pm

Ansgars Kirke

Both The Music Corps of The Royal Lifeguard as well as The Royal Danish Orchestra are among the world's oldest orchestras. Both have a long and well-documented history which date back to the times of the danish kings Christian IV who founded the royal chapel (today The Royal Danish Orchestra) and his son Frederik III who founded the Royal Lifeguards and a music corps belonging to the soldiers of the lifeguards.

The trombonist of the ensemble, Keld Jørgensen, a former member of both The Music Corps of the Royal Lifeguards and The Royal Danish Orchestra, will guide the audience through the programme with a few anecdotes about the Danish composer Carl Nielsen and a few personal recollections of his life as a professional musician. 


Carl Nielsen Quintet

Wednesday July 26th at 7 pm

Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke)

Carl Nielsen Quintet was founded in 2008 by five musicians who all began their musical careers in Tivoli-Garden (Tivoli Music Corps).  

2014 Carl Nielsen Quintet won the 2nd Prize at the Chamber music competition of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and one year later Carl Nielsen Quintet won the 1st Prize and the prize for the best performance of Carl Nielsen's Woodwind Quintet op. 43 at the Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition. 

Nowadays, several years later, all members of Carl Nielsen Quintet occupy prominent positions in orchestras in Denmark and abroad. They still have their quintet and the chamber music as some of their top priorities and manage to get together in their spare time in order to make music together in the woodwind quintet named after the Danish composer Carl Nielsen.

During the years Carl Nielsen Quintet has performed in Denmark and several times abroad.

For further information about Carl Nielsen Quintet, please visit www.cn5.dk


Nightingale String Quartet

Wednesday August 2nd at 7 pm
Graabrødre Klosterkirke

Nightingale String Quartet is based in Copenhagen and is made up of Gunvor Sihm and Josefine Dalsgaard, violins, Marie Louise Broholt Jensen, viola, and Louisa Schwab, cello. All the members of Nightingale String Quartet studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, where Professor Tim Frederiksen has been their faithful mentor ever since the Quartet was founded in 2007.

Nightingale String Quartet has won prizes at several national and international chamber music competitions, and in 2010 the Quartet received DR P2’s Talentpris for ‘with ardent passion, irresistible zest and infectious sensitivity to each other’s playing to have succeeded in making the classical string quartet come vibrantly alive – so that the music speaks directly and strongly to both new and seasoned listeners’. In 2011, the Quartet received the Léonie Sonning Talent Prize, Jacob Gades Legat and the Storkøbenhavnske Odd Fellow Logers Legat. In 2013, Nightingale String Quartet was soloist with the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra in connection with the awarding of Musikanmelderringens Kunstnerpris (the Music Reviewers’ Artist Prize), and in 2014 – as the first ensemble ever – the Quartet received Gramophone’s ‘Young Artist of the Year Award’.

Apart from considerable concert activity in Denmark, Nightingale String Quartet has toured such countries as Brazil, Britain, the Netherlands, China, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, Germany, and the US. The quartet had its debut at the Wigmore Hall in London in January 2014.

The series comprising all of Rued Langgaard’s string quartets (released on Dacapo Records) caused Nightingale String Quartet’s international reputation to rocket, with such marks of distinction as ’Editor’s Choice’ in both of the world’s leading magazines for classical music, Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine as well as the DR P2 Prisen for ‘Danish Release of the Year’ in 2013 and a Gramophone Award nomination in 2015. In 2017, Nightingale String Quartet received the grant from Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Foundation, and in 2019 the Quartet was chosen to be the Wilhelm Hansen Ensemble 2020-22. From 2020-22, Nightingale String Quartet is even the permanent house ensemble at the Holmens Church in Copenhagen.

Furthermore, Nightingale String Quartet, in collaboration with the film director Mads Nygaard Hemmingsen, feature in two innovatory music videos which – to the music of Dmitri Shostakovich and Rued Langgaard – change the conception of what classical music is and can do.

Nightingale String Quartet play on instruments kindly on loan from Augustinus Foundation. 

For further information about Nightingale String Quartet, please visit www.nightingalestringquartet.com


Mira Quartet
and principal double bassist of the Odense Symphony Orchestra Peter Prehn

Wednesday August 9th at 7 pm

Church of Our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke)

One of the longest existing still active string quartets in Denmark the members of the Mira Quartet have achieved a level of profound attentiveness in the ensemble.

Due to their chamber musical abilities the four members of the Mira Quartet are widely recognized among audience, music critics and fellow musicians. The quartet is considered a perfect match and combines the qualities of the Danish string quartet tradition with the highly respected Polish tradition of string playing and the Viennese tradition: The violinists Signe Madsen and Birgitte Bærentsen Pihl both studied with former principal violin of the legendary Copenhagen String Quartet Tutter Givskov. The violist Anna Dahl is educated in her native Poland and later graduated as a chamber musician from Yale University. Combined with the cellist Vincent Stadlmair’s musical education and long-time working with the famous Franz Schubert Quartett-Wien the Mira Quartet is a collective of unique knowledge and experience as string quartet. 

During the many years of making music together the Mira Quartet has given numerous concerts in Denmark and abroad. The quartet has toured in Austria, Poland, Sweden and the Faroe Islands and several concerts have been broadcasted by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the Polish Radio Katowice and the European Broadcasting Union. 

2002 the Mira Quartet was recipient of the scholarship of the Léonie Sonning Foundation.

For further information about the Mira Quartet, please visit www.mirakvartetten.dk

For this specific concert the Mira Quartet is joined by the principal double bassist of the Odense Symphony Orchestra Peter Prehn in works by Carl Nielsen and Antonín Dvořák.